INSTANTRAC – GPS Vehicle tracking System

Discover our cloud-based GPS tracking solution.


Instantrac is a cloud-based GPS tracking system capable of tracking smartphone and gps devices. It provides businesses and field operations as well as family with key visibility to increase operational efficiencies, improve worker safety and quick, seamless communication. It is a comprehensive and powerful solution for businesses to improve productivity, information exchange and customer satisfaction. INSTANTRAC is feature rich, highly customizable, easily integrated with your existing software where business information flows freely and in real-time.

Who is INSTANTRAC designed for?

Instantac fits the needs of any business that employs a fleet of mobile workers regardless of their industry responsible of executing activities outside the office, such as field services, sales, logistics, and transportation.

It is a handy tool for tracking of Vehicles like any conventional Vehicle Tracking System. Vehicles are an important asset for a business and are critical for operations. A gps vehicle tracking system like Instantrac provides business, the ability to properly manage their assets. Unlike conventional Vehicle Tracking Systems, Instantrac is capable of other important functions like Job disptaching and Messaging. In case of vehicle thefts also, Instantrac’s tracking solution can come handy for locating and recovering the vehicle.

Locating Online System – Instantrac online GPS cell phone tracking service lets you see real-time locations, speed, and headings of your cars/vehicles or your employees or children/family members, and receive email or SMS alerts when they move across the designated areas. It is ideal for business who want to track their employees movement daily. Instantrac is your ultimate low cost real-time vehicle locator, child locator.

Employee tracking system – Instantrac is the ultimate GPS and Network based tracking system. It smartly combines rich functional capabilities and is on cloud. It is developed mainly for service providers, having from one hundred to several thousand units. However, it can be used by anyone, to track your employees or to even track your family members.

Geo-Fencing: A geo-fence could be dynamically generated in a radius around an employee. When the Instantrac enabled device enters or exits a geo-fence, the admin or the customer who wants to track him, receives a generated notification. Through geofencing you can also ensure that the employees are working to their greatest potential at all times, by guaranteeing that they are travelling the shortest and quickest routes and ensuring no unauthorized vehicle usage and overtime will occur.


* Save Time and Money – Optimize your route to cut down traveling expenses, vehicle wear and tear, and increase the productivity of your mobile workforce.

* Expand Your Tracking Options – Track individual users in addition to tracking vehicles.

* No Permanent Installation – Easily reuse the smartphone to track another resource.

* Keep Track of What Happened – Ensure proper service and resolve any customer disputes.

* Automated Travel and Expense Report – Expedite management and validation processes.

* Handle Last Minute Emergencies – Possess real-time visibility of your field operations and mobile worker locations.

Instantrac’s powerful location tracking feature allows you to keep track of all your mobile devices and store complete location history for each device, helping you improve customer service and response time.

Instantrac will not only store the current location of all your connected devices, but will also keep a detailed log of all the locations, the device and employee have been to. Locations are shown with their full address using Google Maps and only location changes are stored, avoiding excess data.

With Instantrac, administrators have the ability to trace connected mobile devices and further fine-tune tracking parameters per group or even for individual devices depending on the scenario.

Instantrac also makes it easier for your employees to find their next destination by pinpointing where you want them to go: send them directions from the map and redirect your nearest available employee to customer call-outs. Sending directions to your employees improves their productivity, hence customer service and response time.

Through Instantrac, you can improve your customer service by knowing exactly where your employees are and their estimated arrival time. When your customers need something urgently, respond quickly and send the nearest available staff member.

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Instantrac GPS tracking system doesn't require any client software — users can monitor and control their fleets through any web browser installed on the computer or smartphone. Instantrac is the ultimate GPS tracking system on cloud.

The list of GPS trackers, controllers and GPS Automatic Vehicle Locators is given below. If your device is not listed below, don’t be disheartened, our professionals will be pleased to help you integrate your GPS tracking devices or vehicle locators or any additional sensors.

Below is a list of the GPS devices currently supported by Instantrac:

  • ROBO-GM (Atlanta Systems)
  • ROBO-G (Atlanta Systems)
  • WP-20C Trackar (Atlanta Systems)
  • WP-30C Trackar (Atlanta Systems)
  • FM5300 (Teltonics)
  • FM1100 (Teltonics)
  • XME
  • Firefly
  • Elution


Instantrac could be customized to meet your specific need and support devices you may have. If you need to integrate your GPS tracking hardware with Instantrac, please get in touch with our specialists.