Its Time to Relax! Your Drivers are Safe with our Driver Tracking System

Vehicle-&-Employee-Trackig_1200It is a fact that large amount of fleet vehicles are involved in a collision each year. Many of these collisions could be prevented by monitoring and improving driver performance. Therefore it is time to accept methods for identifying and managing drivers. Your business is liable for monetary damages if your drivers have an accident or the driver is drunk or commit a crime in a company-provided vehicle. Instantrac’s easy-to-use web based user interface is a convenient way to continuously and in real time monitor your fleets location, speed, stop times and activities. It also offers a host of other intuitive features such as robust daily, weekly and monthly reporting and dispatching functions all designed to increase efficiencies and help reduce costs by reducing fuel consumption, maintenance expense, and emissions.

Driver Tracking System smartly monitors driver’s behavior and allows fleet owners to have control over them. INSTANTRAC provides specialized Software Solutions to monitor the driver behavior, identify driver inefficiencies, enhanced vehicle security and driver safety.

While these systems are generally affordable and easy to implement, the challenge is to help your driver transition to GPS tracking in a positive fashion that encourages them to embrace the system. So in this Blog, you will know how Drivers who can get better with GPS Tracking. The simple truth is that drivers who do not do anything wrong have nothing to fear. They should welcome a driver tracking system positively since it will show precisely that they are doing their jobs properly. As till now, their efforts went unnoticed by and large since the employers do not have the best information at hand to see who is excelling and who is not. However, now you can keep close track of how all of your drivers behave and, if you are really worried about what fleet tracking will do for morale, you can set up a system where the most careful and efficient drivers are rewarded for their hard work.