Instantrac gives Employers the power to make the best of their resources at all times !


Instantrac is the most cost effective system you need to track and manage your employees effectively! Our solution extracts the benefits of GPS by adding geo-location elements to every incoming information from the field. It ultimately results in increased Sales for Enterprises, better Service delivery for customers and improved accountability for Governments.

GPS Employee tracking systems have been helpful to companies who need to keep track of their employees as well as allow them to make deliveries more efficiently and allowing estimation of time of arrival.

Field Service Tracking Software promises to provide even small businesses some fresh options for managing a mobile workforce. Our field Employee tracking software provide the details that helps you in knowing:

  • The total time your staff is spending on each client location.
  • Whether the staff is reaching to client location on committed time,
  • The overall kilometers travelled by the staff
  • The exact time when the client reaches or depart client location
  • The track used by the staff for the field work
  • The driving pattern of the driver or staff on the field


  • Track movement remotely using web application
  • Navigate using Google Maps on mobile
  • Add Place, Mark Geo Fence on Map
  • Data storage in no GPRS zone


A light-weight app installed in GPS enabled Android phones of the employees or any on field staff which silently works in background and sends information to the server. Here are a few key features :

  • Tight integration with phone features
  • Integrated with Google Maps
  • Camera & Texting module
  • Data & Image Storage in GPRS blackout zones
  • Offline mode with Data & Image Storage
  • Login Module available to allow sharing of mobile
  • Customized Forms to on-field sales or data entry
  • User-friendly interface