A geo-fence could be dynamically generated – as in a radius around an employee. When the Instantrac enabled device enters or exits a geo-fence, the admin or the customer who wants to track him, receives a generated notification.

This notification contains information about the location of the device, time at which he entered or exited the location. The geofence notification can be sent to a mobile number through message or as an email.

This notification also gets logged in the system as a violation and can be viewed on the reports for that employee. Our geofencing system can be utilised for a multitude of purposes, from quick and easy filtering through reports to find out if a customer’s site was visited, which route is to taken and which not.

Through geofencing you can also ensure that the employees are working to their greatest potential at all times, by guaranteeing that they are travelling the shortest and quickest routes and ensuring no unauthorized vehicle usage and overtime will occur.