Location History

Instantrac will not only store the current location of all your connected devices, but will also keep a detailed log of all the locations the device and employee have been to.

Location updates are triggered based on the time and distance traveled. For example, if a device moves more than 500 meters (configurable), a location update is logged, or after 10 minutes the location of the device is logged.

Locations are shown with their full address using google maps and location changes are stored along with the time at which that employee or device reached that location. You can choose to collect location data via Wi-Fi, Mobile Network or GPS. Location History can be exported for further analysis.

Location History can be configured to work differently from one group to another using Group Policies. You can identify and select groups of devices for which you want to record location history, allowing you to exclude departments for which location history tracking is not appropriate.

It also allows you to specify the times during which you want to store location updates, in order to avoid collecting information outside working hours, as well as turning Location History on and off by group.