Reports are generated for each and every move of the employee. Reports can be generated for a trip as old as 2 months also. These reports can be exported in excel format for analysis. There are different types of reports which are generated through Instantrac:

  • History Reports: These reports contain the detailed history of the trips done by the employee. The customer can export these reports to contain the daily trip details of an employee. These reports are available on the dashboard for the customer. Apart from this, if customer wishes they can also export these reports in a format supported by excel.
  • Violation Reports: All the violations which a particular employee does, for e.g. moving out of a geofence area or stopping at a place for more than the time required, etc. All these things are considered as a violation and are available in the form of reports to the customer on their dashboard.
  • Stop Reports: All the stops which a particular employee makes gets logged in the system along with the time. For e.g. if an employee is asked to reach a place 100 kms far from the starting point, and the employee stops at every 10kms. All his stops (i.e. 10 in this case) between the start point and end point gets recorded and are available on dashboard.
  • Trip Reports: These reports contain the information related to the trip which an employee does. From the starting point till the end point all the information, including the time, speed, stoppages, route taken, etc. all these information gets logged and is available to the customer when they require it.